Notes from a Cornish trip. Part I

Overlooking Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

So, we’ve just arrived back safely, nearly 1000 miles in a week.

On a journey like this you begin to discover a cars pluses and minuses, and I have to say, there really weren’t many minuses in the SAAB.

Firstly, the huge amount of boot space the 9-3 saloon provides is truly exceptional. With 2 children who don’t know the meaning of less is more, and a wife who packs enough attire for every eventuality and climate, there really was a lot of stuff to go in. It all fitted beautifully and with enough room to squeeze a few holiday purchases in there too.

On the journey down to Cornwall we spent over 5 hours in the SAAB and on arriving, we all felt totally relaxed and comfortable; this is another thing SAAB does so well, the seats are just superb, and the heated seats still feel like one of life’s little luxuries.

Surprisingly, having had a few concerns over the Sat Nav’s functionality of late, it performed faultlessly, this is huge praise indeed, but one you’ll only ever understand having had to navigate the country lanes in Cornwall, some aren’t much wider than the 9-3, and the headlights are fantastic, again, something you don’t get to appreciate until you really need them.

I’ll write more soon, but something that I wasn’t as happy about was the combined mpg; well over 20mpg less than the official figures, the SAAB returned a maximum of 47mpg over the entire week, only 3mpg more than I get sitting in commuter traffic!




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