Notes from a Cornish trip. Part II

I read over my Cornish Notes Part I and had a think about what i’d missed out.

I don’t think I made enough fuss about how exceptionally comfortable the SAAB 9-3 is for long distances, it really does make the journey feel totally effortless, and after another 350 mile round trip to pick a 9-3 Sport Combi for my wife earlier this week, it really has confirmed this for me.

Also, anyone having had the pleasure to drive around the ultra thin country lanes of Cornwall will know how important good brakes are. The locals (my Grandfather having been one of them) seem to find it rather amusing to scare the visitors and speed up the second they’re on these lanes, either that, or turn any number of infinite corners and you can be faced with:

A. more corners
B. a heard of content sheep
D. a huge farm vehicle plunging the entire lane into darkness

All of which require urgent braking to avoid a Cornish collision. This is were I thank Hirsch for the amazing brakes on the 9-3, they really are fantastic, they give you complete and utter confidence, better than any other car I’ve owned.

A week of driving in Cornwall and the SAAB looked as though it had just finished the Paris – Dakar Rally, and deserved a very well earned clean.

The more I drive this SAAB, the more I love it.

4 thoughts on “Notes from a Cornish trip. Part II

  1. Eleven i have to say I envy you, I love your 9-3 it is so beautiful.You have a great taste in cars and great taste in Saabs particularly .If i’d ever have a chance of getting a 9-3, your Saab would be the template i would copy.
    I love your site and i read it every time you post a new article.Keep them coming…

    And thanks for sharing…

    • Thanks for the comments saabjam, I have always loved SAAB’s, and no matter what other car I’ve bought, I soon returned to them.

      I started SAAB vs Scepticism as it’s us SAAB lovers who can make other people understand how fantastic these cars are, old or new.

      I do my best to keep it fresh, but reasurrance that people are reading and liking it make a world of difference, thanks again.

  2. I am wondering if my new car is fitted with the brake upgrade…..I pick her up on Saturday so will find out for sure then…….

    It’s described in the Saab advert as a Saab 93 aero ‘hirsch’and whilst I know it has the hirsch body kit,19” 3 spoke alloys and body kit,I’m not sure if it has the springs and updated brakes……

    The dealer has the hirsch certificate however in the logbook so illmbe boring over that!!!

    • Hi, sounds great, I opted for the 18″ alloys as the roads near me aren’t great and I do a lot of country road driving. Mine has the full Hirsch front 4 piece grille set, but with the lowered Hirsch springs just be careful as speed bumps aren’t much fun. I must admit, the 345mm brake upgrade is simply stunning, it really does feel so sharp.

      Is yours upgraded to 200bhp too?

      I’ll really look forward to seeing a few pics when you collect, you’re going to love it.

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