Bearing up. Another replacement part for the SAAB

After 5 or so months with the 9-3, the only problems i’ve had, have been self made.

I decided to have the standard SAAB springs replaced with Hirsch ones – these offer a lower, firmer ride with sharper handling, and to date, I have been exceptionally impressed with the difference they have made. Compared to our 9-3 SportCombi, it feels like a different car and easily shadows its competitor brands I test drove.

Problem is, by changing the springs, it seems to have upset the factory equilibrium and caused the bearing cages to fail on both front corners. The first went only weeks after picking up the 9-3, the second, just before our family trip to Cornwall. My dealer, Bond Street SAAB have been fantastic as usual, taking in the car, fixing the problem and even having the car cleaned and looking immaculate upon my return (I could get used to that).

Being Hirsch parts, everything was covered under the manufacturers warranty, which is another great reason to go for it and add a few Hirsch goodies when you buy your new SAAB.

Let’s hope my obsession with Hirsch won’t cause me many more dealer visits in the future though.

And because the picture of a broken bearing cage wouldn’t have been interesting, I’ve added another recent picture.

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