It’s all about the SportCombi

A few weeks ago, we became the proud owners of another 9-3; a SportCombi TiD Vector.

In just 4 short years of life, it’s covered 130,000 miles, so knew that when we picked it up, we needed to give it some tlc.

I booked it in with Charles, an amazing mechanic who lives and breathes cars, he also loves SAAB’s, and has given our new 9-3 a thorough service; fresh oil, filters, fluid changes and a general good check up.

He discovered that during its life, no-one seemed to have touched any of the brakes, being completely worn and an in an extremely poor state, he also found water in the brake fluid, which happens over time but should be checked and changed regularly to ensure correct function. He’s changed all brake discs and pads on the car, releasing a seized calliper and replaced a few nuts and bolts.

It seems the tlc has made our new SportCombi extremely happy, it feels as fresh and tight, it pulls beautifully, the engine is quieter and the brakes now do their job perfectly.

It’s ready for it’s next 130,000 miles!

One thought on “It’s all about the SportCombi

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