Glamour one day, work the next.

It’s all very nice keeping the SAAB spotlessly clean and taking sexy photos of it, but the original idea of Saab vs Scepticism was to do a long, long term review of daily life with the 9-3.

That brings me to it’s latest mission; to safely transport the materials for one of our home projects. Sounds like an everyday mission, but what has amazed me about the SAAB is the shear capacity of its boot space, simply drop the rear seats, and i’ve managed to get a piece of timber 1700mm x 900mm straight in there, cool.

I was planning on taking our SportCombi to pick the timber up, but this has really pleased me, it’s just another reason why I love the 9-3 – hugely quick, refined and a pleasure to drive, but also practical when called upon.

My son and I have the yearly tradition of collecting our freshly cut 8ft Christmas tree in the next few weeks, that’ll be fun.


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