The Iceman Cometh

When I looked out of the window today, I was greeted with a view only Winter can provide; an ice covered SAAB 9-3, glistening beautifully in the cold morning sunlight. I couldn’t help grabbing my trusty Leica and heading outside to take a few photos.

The 9-3 hasn’t been cleaned for a few weeks, lots of dirt on roads less travelled have taken their toll, and it really could do with a bit of tlc, but today is a day for driving and enjoying the crisp blue skies and frost covered countryside, so it’ll have to wait.

There is of course, one SAAB feature I couldn’t live without on mornings like this, the heated seats; absolute luxury, and being SAAB, they work perfectly, warming the 9-3’s supple leather rapidly and with a constant warmth throughout the lower sections, gorgeous.

Thank you SAAB.

One thought on “The Iceman Cometh

  1. I always love your photos! As the weather gets increasingly more winter here I have definately become acustomed to the heated seats. It’s especially nice to have the seats heated and slide the sunroof open!

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