Dreaming of Alberta driving in a Hirsched Turbo X

Canada is a country I have huge affection for, my wife is Canadian, and every time we visit, I fall in love with it’s beauty and wilderness.

I often imagine being able to drive along deserted roads, with giant trees, ice blue lakes and mysterious mountains surrounding me, I imagine being in a luxurious car with a gorgeous, crisp engine rasping in the background, a Saab 9-3 Turbo X maybe, yes, that would be perfect.

A few months ago, Mike from Alberta emailed Saab vs. Scepticism :

“I’ve been trying to sort out wheel options for my 9-3 Turbo X, and the pictures of your 9-3 quickly settled my wheel search. I’ve also acquired some Hirsch alloy pedals and leather door handles, inspired by your 9-3”

Over the weekend, Mike sent a few pictures of his Turbo X with the Hirsch goodies fitted and looking seriously stunning. Apart from being proud that SvsS has managed to inspire others, I’m also a little jealous that he’ll enjoy cruising down the very roads I imagine myself being on, and what’s more, he’ll be in a very special Saab indeed.

A huge thanks for the photos Mike, make sure you keep sending more from any road trips you find yourself on, and maybe we could have an Saab vs. Scepticism Alberta Outpost đŸ™‚


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