A SportCombi Scrub Up Sunday

Just recently, I’ve been somewhat teased by my lovely wife that my 9-3 saloon is treated with much more tenderness than her SportCombi. I tried to disagree, but looking at it, covered in mud, it became a rather fruitless argument, so I decided to spend a leisurely Sunday morning giving it some attention.

In my defence though, the SportCombi was never meant to be kept like an immaculate show car, and really is doing us proud. It does exactly what we bought it for, and beyond; school runs, shopping trips, dog walking, day trips, biking, antique hunting; you name it, it does it in true Saab style, it really is the perfect car for our family adventures.

Since picking it up back in October last year, we’ve covered nearly 10,000 faultless miles, now showing 142,000, it’s great to see it scrub up so well, and reinforces my last post on Saab longevity. Our SportCombi will be the first to appear in the Saab vs. Scepticism High Mile Club, which hopefully will be joined very soon by other owners 100,000+ mile Saabs.

It wasn’t just me who was proud of my morning’s work on the SportCombi, our black Labrador seemed to be impressed too. Here’s the SportCombi in all its Scrubbed Up glory.


4 thoughts on “A SportCombi Scrub Up Sunday

  1. 140k !!! It looks new

    I’ve just tried greased lightning on mine the waterless wash and polish, it’s actually very good. Was a little bit of doubt as I had seen it on the infomercials but it really does as it says.

    • I’d used the Autoglym Aqua Wax, and was actually very impressed, not anywhere close to detailers standards, but it looked great (until it rained again of course).

      140k and drives absolutely perfectly, watch out for the ‘High Mile’ page coming soon 🙂

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