Lusting after SAABBS, when I should know better

Just recently, I’ve found myself lusting after things I shouldn’t, after all, I’m extremely loyal and should really be satisfied with what I have.

Our 9-3 SportCombi sits on a very nice set of 17 inch Saab alloys, and I believe Saab designed the most beautiful wheels of any automotive brand (another future post I think) but after some wayward behaviour with choosing Hirsch alloys for my 9-3 saloon, I’m beginning to question my own loyalty – and it’s happening again.

The focus of my displaced loyalty; the very sexy BBS CH alloys, I capture glimpses of beautiful Saabs adorned with them and I have to stop and stare, I can’t help myself.

I apologise in advance to anyone who’s Saab is featured here, I get excited, grab an image, and then forget where I found it, it’s all perfectly innocent, it’s just those BBS wheels look so fantastic.

I’ll have to persuade myself that I’m not being disloyal first, but I can see our SportCombi being treated to a set of them some time in the future.


7 thoughts on “Lusting after SAABBS, when I should know better

  1. I prefer the wheels you have on your SC to the other ones.

    I’ve just had to get 2 new front tyres in a rush before shooting up to Sunderland for the Bruce Springsten gig tonight, previous owner had a repair done on the curve of the tyre !

    £294 lighter off now ! for 2 Avon’s

      • The new Avons make the 9-3 feel even better on the road, amazing what new rubber can do.
        Also helps with the old MPG trip up was showing average of 55.4 mpg

  2. The return trip was down on MPG to 48.3mpg due to the “spirited” drive home.
    I did find myself on the A19 doing just short of a 100 and the car just felt so smooth and I swear I thought I was doing 70-75 I then slowed down and left it to the cruise control.

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