Carlsson and the 900

The classic 900 convertible is one of most iconic Saabs out there, it’s unique and inspirational design has meant an enduring timelessness and elegance that feels as sharp today as it always has. But although mine already wears the Aero body styling I always craved, something was missing – a set of 16″ Carlsson Aero alloys.

Last week, I spotted a set of these elusive wheels on Ebay, in need of future refurbishment and currently wearing some pretty rough track day tyres, but I couldn’t resist, my 900 would be visually complete. The seller shipped them within 48 hours, they went straight into the back of the convertible, and driven into town and treated to a brand new set of tyres.

My son and I spent an indulgent day on Saturday fitting the alloys, and they look superb, I always had an image of how a 900 convertible should look, and this is it, the Carlsson wheels make such a difference, the proportions are absolutely spot on.

We also gave the 900 a much needed wax and managed to revive the rubber Aero spoilers, which were looking decidedly green, now lovely and black again – a day well spent.

Over the coming weeks the 900 has an exciting trip planned too, it will be swept away by none other than Abbott Racing for a bit more Saab loving; a new radiator, upgraded ECU, fuel regulator, dump valve and a few other treats, I wish I was going to watch the Saab gurus in action, but they’ve promised to take a few photos for me along the way.

For now though, I’ll watch the rain bead up and run off the beautifully waxed 900 and admire the gorgeous new Carlsson alloys.


3 thoughts on “Carlsson and the 900

    • Thanks, and how are you?

      I’ve always loved the Carlssons, by far the best for the 900.

      Have you seen the Saab wheel deals Saab Parts UK have sent through to Service Club Members – fantastic prices, hmmm, only the 9-3 SportCombi left without new wheels 🙂 Maybe the 18″ 5 spoke splits would work well.

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