The Saab 900 returns under the cover of night

Last night, Abbott Racing very quietly delivered my classic Saab 900 convertible safely back home. It’s been with them for the past 3 weeks on a kind of health break for a Saab, but there’s really nothing to show for it’s time away except for a discreet Abbott Racing badge on the boot lid.

Besides a new MOT and a small spot of welding work in the rear wheel arch, the things that have been done are all hidden, all there to make the classic Saab run more beautifully including :

New radiator
New upgraded ECU
Upgraded 3.3 bar fuel regulator
Aluminium dump valve
ITG performance air filter

When I realised Abbott had delivered the car, I grabbed the keys and headed out for a quick test drive, initially it was difficult to feel any difference, except the Saab felt smoother and tighter, but not a vast change overall.

Morning came, I’ve driven to work in the convertible, and the difference is beginning to shine through, the car really does feel a lot tighter and sharper, almost as I’d expect a new 900 to feel. But where the real change is noticeable is the mid to high range response; past 2500rpm, the Saab really picks up beautifully, you can feel the Turbo working harder, delivering smoother power throughout the gear range, and it didn’t stop, very quickly reaching 100+ (private roads of course) without much sign of curving off.

The distinct burble of the 900 seems to have been softly enhanced by the changes, and the ITG filter adds a pleasing grunt on acceleration, I like it. It’s revitalised the 900, and I’m looking forward to many miles of fun in the future.

I’m already planning its next visit to Abbott, this time for a full stainless steel exhaust, and maybe a set of upgraded brakes, for now though, everything’s good, thanks again Abbott, you haven’t disappointed.


12 thoughts on “The Saab 900 returns under the cover of night

    • Thanks Alex

      Really good to have it back, nice to choose from either the 9-3 or 900 depending on the day 🙂

      Abbott really have done me proud, just got to get the hood waterproof for Winter next.

  1. I agree with Paul, please send us more pictures. I am a true fan of the older, pre ’94 SAABS and the 900 convertible is one my favorites — an absolutely gorgeous machine!!!!!

    I thoroughly enjoy this blog, TOTALLY refreshing!

    • As usual, thank you for your comments, glad you’re still enjoying.

      I’ll try and sort a few more photos out, although this side one I love, click though to the Flickr version for a huge version of it.

      Thanks again.

      • Wow!!! Just viewed the flicker photostream —– you definitely have a gift. I have to say it yet again: you have a great “Pure SAAB” blog — positive and very refreshing — exemplifies everything I LOVE about SAABS!!!

      • Thanks Allan

        I really wanted to add larger photos for other Saab lovers to grab if they wanted, Flickr works well, so when I take I photo I like, I sort a linked, hi res version too.

        Another great comment, all helps me to keep going. Saab’s have always inspired me, so being able to do this, and share Saab stuff with other people is fantastic.

    • Haha, coming up to the best time to buy a convertible too. Saab heaters are amazing, perfect for crisp, sunny Winter drives.

      Just don’t blame it on me.

    • Seriously looking forward to seeing this car being renovated at it deserves, especially after it’s recent fall from grace. Keep in touch and i’ll try and post your progress.

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