Are you a serial Saabist?

In the past, I’ve gone away from Saab for a few months, dabbled in other brands; mainly BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Alfa Romeo, but then I return to Saabs.

Those of you who regularly read this site, will know that for the past year, we’ve been an exclusive Saab family, selling my faithful Mercedes Coupe and my wife’s BMW 1 series, and replacing them with 3 gorgeous Saabs.

Recently, I was browsing through my ridiculously large collection of past cars and came across one of my old Saabs – a stunning cosmic blue 9-5 HOT Aero saloon. It literally made me stop and stare, even now, I love its styling, the shape, the lights, the luxuriously comfortable interior – it really is a seriously gorgeous Saab. Then I started to think that maybe we could squeeze another 9-5 Aero into our current collection, I slapped myself, bad idea.

All of this Saab dreaming got me to wondering if others felt the same, see a great Saab picture, and start planning purchase tactics, I just can’t seem to help myself.

Although the current situation isn’t looking good for a new range of Saabs in the future, I really believe we’ll start to see a lot more unique Saabs about. Loving owners will be looking for new parts suppliers to ensure their cars remain immaculate and they’ll be looking for specialists to service, tune and rebuild engines.

All this will lead to great Saabs being available to own, drive and love for a long, long time, and I just can’t seem to help digging around to see what I can find, a serial Saabist maybe.

9 thoughts on “Are you a serial Saabist?

  1. Nice, same feelings here, purchasing desires are there all the time. Especially now, when the prices are down. Classic 900 convertible and a 9-5 combi, same generation as yours here are on the shortlist. But while living in the city, the parking possibilities are stopping me rather than the price.

    It’s a constant heart vs brain fight.

    • It seems the prices here in the UK for older Saabs are pretty much untouched, if anything, I’m noticing cars selling quickly, hopefully to other Saabists.

      It may be time for you to look for a country retreat with plenty of Saab parking then 🙂

      Thanks for the comments as usual.

      • If I understood correctly, the UK prices are lower but the insurance and other payments much higher than here – the pricing structure is different.

        Country retreat maybe one day. Things needs to be more stable to do that.

        Thanks for the blog post, it touches a sensitive point 🙂

      • It seems that on newer Saabs, prices are fantastic at the moment, but older 10+ Saabs are staying pretty strong. Insurance can be high, although I have my 900 on classic car insurance for around £200 per year. Only other main cost is road tax, but my 9-3 is only £30 a year, whilst the 900 is over £200.

        Forget the country retreat, look for a city garage to hold more than one Saab 🙂

  2. I am guilty. I am always looking for SAABS. We have several SAABS we use in our business and I am also a collector. I have driven SAABS for 24 years and if they never manufacture another one, I will continue to own, enjoy and drive SAABS.

    My father and I regularly invade the junk yard, just to pull, catalog and warehouse SAAB parts—one of our most favorite things to do together.

    So yes, I am happy to be and guilty of being a “serial Saabist”!

    • Allan, you’ve made me think, I bought my first Saab in 1990, so similar, 22 years on and off. Sounds like a great business having lots of Saabs to drive, how fantastic.

      So nice to hear you and your father do that together, I lost my father late last year, but he was the reason I love cars so much, we used to go to RAC rallies and other classic car shows together – Silverstone, Goodwood…

      Serial Saabists, oh yes.

      • So sorry to hear about your father. My dad is getting up in age and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is definitely the reason that I am so into cars. We, too, do many car events together—he loves the older models!!!!

  3. I’ve just purchased my 4th Saab – brand new 2011 Saab 9-3X. Now my driveway is full. I also have a steel grey 2002 9-5 Linear sportcombi, steel grey 2005 9-5 Aero and a bright red 1992 900 Turbo S. So, yes, I’m a serial Saabist and happy about that.

    • Oh nice collection Brent, would love to see a few pictures of the 9-3X and an update once you’ve had it for a few weeks.

      Serial Saabist most definitely.

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