The Saab vs Scepticism Archives

I can’t help myself, I have to collect images of Saabs when I find them, have been doing for years. Then, when I have my heart set on a new one, I can look through my archives for inspiration.

It may sound a little odd, but there’s all sorts of benefits; what wheels work best on what model, what tweaks have other people made, what colour best suits the car, the list goes on.

Although I love my classic 900 convertible, I keep thinking of the original generation 9-3 Aero convertible, i’ve owned a few (top image), and they really are amazing cars. With that in mind, I’ve been flicking through my archives, and found some real stunning ones, ones I haven’t seen floating around the www for a while, so thought I’d share a couple of the best.

It’s very personal, but this generation HOT Aero is my idea of Saab Convertible perfection, the seats also have to be some of the best ever made, that’s besides the 9000 Aero ones of course.

The gorgeous Nordic Aero featured is a real thing of beauty too.

So, if anyone fancies a Saab exchange, I’m looking for a dark grey HOT Aero with black hood and 3 Spoke double Y alloys.

I’ll do a regular SvsS Archive scan and add the ones I like most. Share the Saab love I say.

Oh, and one last image, this inspired me to buy 2 Aero convertibles at least!


9 thoughts on “The Saab vs Scepticism Archives

    • That’s what I’m talking about, yours is my idea of Saab convertible perfection, the right colour, the right wheels. Beautiful.

      I have already had one in this exact spec, but part exchanged it for a (ssshh) BMW 530 Sport a few years ago.

      Thanks for sharing yours with me, enjoy the remaining bright and beautiful Autumn Spanish days with the roof down.

      • Me too. I find very successful this combination, what do I say?

        Other interesting picture of the appearance of 9-3 Aero Cabrio models (same as the previous “Viggen”) for me is even more exciting: Mounted units were equiped with 18″ HIRSCH alloy wheels 6 spokes:

        Enjoy your SAABs.


  1. My wife will be having one of these as soon as I can sell her Volvo S60……..I probably shouldn’t have said that here……..

  2. Update here! Our 280bhp Aero verty is very much part of the family. She is a real beast when driven hard and so lovely and wafty when driven gently – Abbotts definitely knew what they were doing when they worked on it!

    • 280, nice 🙂 Really enjoyed my original 9-3 Aero from Abbott a few years ago too, great people. If you fancy sending a couple of nice pics, I’ll pop them up, not a great time of year to take many other photos for the blog, so any sexy Saabs gratefully received.

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