The 8ft Christmas Tree & The Saab Convertible

SvsS_900 & the TreeSvsS_900 & the Tree 2SvsS_900 & the Tree 3

It’s an annual tradition in our house; the collecting of the Christmas Tree. My son and I drive over to a local farm who grow the trees, we take our time choosing the best, we say hello to the resident Lamas, grab a mince pie and prepare to squeeze the (always too tall) tree into the car for our journey home.

This year, we could have made the whole thing simple, take the SportCombi, drop the rear seats and an 8ft tree would have fitted in beautifully, but it was such a nice day; fresh, crisp, a bit of sun, perfect for a run in the 900 convertible.

So, with roof down, heater on full, we triumphantly returned home with an 8ft Christmas Tree sticking proudly out of the back of the convertible. The smell of the pine needles and frost on the ground adding to the joy of a topless Winter’s drive, this may very well become a new festive Saab tradition.

12 thoughts on “The 8ft Christmas Tree & The Saab Convertible

  1. Hope you’ve vac’d the car out now !!! all those pine needles could give somebody a nasty suprise !

      • I feel sorry for you and your family and wishing better time in 2013. Anyway, I’ve been there through the floods, maybe I would scratch everything, the news were hard, the river needed ~50cm to flood into the city etc.

        so let’s see what happens next year

  2. That is brilliant. We took both of ours (the 9K Aero and 9-3 Aero vert) to collect ours – the 9K for the tree, and the rest of the family in the vert with the roof down! All bases covered Saab-style!

    • Absolutely, Winter drives are sometimes more special than endless Summer ones, there’s something rather decedent about wrapping up and sitting in the comfort of a topless Saab driving through gorgeous countryside.

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