If Hirsch wheels were meant to be square

Square Hirsh AlloyThe PotholeThe New Wheel

I’m sure the nice people at Hirsch would have crafted a gorgeous set of 18″ square ones by now, but they haven’t, wheels aren’t meant to be square, things have progressed somewhat since the dark ages.

On the other hand, I wish I could say the same thing about road surfaces, whilst some are fantastic, others are left to disintegrate before our very wheels. Unfortunately, over Christmas, one of my perfectly round Hirsch alloys literally fell down a giant black hole in one of our local, less care for roads.

I’m now the proud owner of, what I imagine to be, the very first square Hirsch alloy, and it isn’t great, my lovely Saab 9-3 now feels pretty rough, and the faster I go, the worse it gets. I’ve had a few words with the council responsible for the road, and It seems they may pay for a new wheel – I’ll reserve comment until I receive a cheque.

I’ve ordered a new alloy already, so hope my 9-3 will soon feel as smooth as it did before it met the giant black hole.

4 thoughts on “If Hirsch wheels were meant to be square

  1. Fingers crossed they pay out

    It took me 5 months to get Oldham council to pay out years ago but they did it the end

  2. ouch. that is a quite expensive blog post material. when this happened to me on one of the previous cars (v40), the insurance payed it.

    • I love Michelin Pilot Sports 🙂 Tyre seems to have weathered the pothole pretty much unscathed.

      Driving ok, but feels a little like a Flintstone’s car.

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