Griffin from the Flames

SvsS_Bond Street

It’s been a seriously difficult time recently for SAAB dealers, do they become extinct, or do they adapt and change?

Ever since I’ve owned SAABs, they’ve been looked after by Bond Street Saab; amazing people who live and breathe Saab, but last year, their home for many years suffered a fire and they relocated to a temporary location. At the time they were still selling a selection of Saab and Mitsubishi, but over Christmas, they officially closed.

That’s the bad news, the good (or should I say great) news is that this morning, I’ve dropped off my 9-3 for its second service – at Bond Street Car Service. It’s official, Bond Street have launched a brand spanking new, authorised Saab Service Centre, fastidiously set up in an immaculate new workshop, and things are sounding pretty exciting.

The original team is still in place, meaning their Saab experience is second to none, they’ve never failed to impress me with their knowledge and helpfulness. But for the moment, rather than selling cars, they’re channelling all of their passion into servicing, maintaining and repairing some of the much loved 188,000 Saabs here in the UK. They also still provide Hirsch upgrades and performance mods (which is pretty important to me).

Being an authorised Saab Service Centre, the costs are set, the service items and parts are 100% genuine Saab and they have ample parking to play host to our beloved Saabs (maybe the perfect place to hold a small meet in the future too).

There’s one more great piece of news, I didn’t just get any meagre loan car, I got a 2006 Saab 9-5 TiD, and just to prove yet another reliability point here, it’s covered 150,000+ miles, looks immaculate, drives beautifully, and will become a High Mile Club guest car very soon.

Bond Street have chosen to adapt and change, and I’m sure they’ll make plenty of local Saab owners very happy over the next few years and will soon build a loyal following. Well done Bond Street.

Bond Street Car Service
Unit 38, Coal Cart Road The Interchange, Birstall
Leicester LE4 3BY
0116 366 0500

More info and links to come soon.

4 thoughts on “Griffin from the Flames

  1. This is good to hear. As I originally came from Leicestershire, I can clearly remember going past the Bond Street showroom and being fascinated by the ‘strange’ cars within (I came from a long line of Ford owners/enthusiasts).

    • Haha yes, I used to love driving past too, shame they can’t sell new ones for a while, but it was fantastic to see them in their new home. They’re so passionate about Saabs, it’s great.

  2. I was sad to see Bond Street close its Abbey Lane, temporary site, just before Christmas. I had my 2010 9-5 (last model) in there for the Winter Health check in early December but when I went past the site a couple of days later it was all shut up with all vehicles gone! My 9-5 subsequently developed a number of electrical problems with the keyless entry and the suspension started making a few noises that I had hoped could be fixed under the Secure Warranty I bought last October. I rely on my car so the electical issues needed to be fixed but the nearest Saab specialist, before Bond Street Car Servicing re-opened, was Northampton. So unfortunately, after 4 Saab 9-5s, I am now in a Volvo V70

    • End of an era, I truly hope that we see stylish forecourts and showrooms with brand new Saabs sometime in the future, but for now, we have to look after what we have.

      So sad you had one of the most beautiful Saabs and have had to let it go. Not really sure what i’d replace mine with if I had too, Volvo may very well be an option.

      Yours is a story we can all relate too, after all, our cars have a job to do.

      Fortunately, I haven’t found myself in this situation yet, I’ll be using Bond Street Car Servicing so that, hopefully, it never gets to that stage.

      Thank you for your honest comment.

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