svss_Unmistakable 5 svss_Unmistakeable 1 svss_Unmistakeable 2 svss_Unmistakeable 3 svss_Unmistakeable 4svss_Unmistakable 6

Catch a glimpse of a Saab, whether in a film, on the road, or in a driveway, completely hidden except for the smallest of details, and you automatically know it’s a Saab.

The more you look at the design, the more you realise just how unique these cars are, from the shape of the panels and curves of glass, to the lights, door handles and wheels.

I enjoyed taking a few photos of our SportCombi over the weekend, small details yes, but ones that combine to make our Saabs unmistakable.


3 thoughts on “Unmistakable

  1. Hi,

    Please could you send me your email address in order to send some snaps of my V6 Hirsch Aero?

    I love this blog, sterling work and great to see such a passion for Saab.

    Best wishes, Jon

  2. Nice, The door handles are Saab through and through, I’m in two minds whether or not I wished they had left them on the facelift. The over engineered boot floor handle is another example of Saab design down to the last detail.

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