To London and back in One Direction

svss_9-3 One Direction

Earlier this week we took three very excited teenage girls to London to go and see One Direction. Luckily, they’re old enough for us to push them onto the Underground and wave goodbye for a few hours whilst we spent a long lazy lunch at The Delaunay (if you live in the UK and haven’t been, go). That’s obviously not the reason for this post though, after all, it’s meant to be a blog about Saabs.

It’s a 200 mile round trip to London from home, so we took the saloon. We found the usually agonising M1, free of congestion and up for some serious Saab loving. I’ve been watching the mpg slowly decrease for the past few months now, with far too much city driving and not enough smile inducing open roads, so this journey turned out to be a real pleasure.

It took just one and a half hours from our home in Leicestershire right into the heart of London, I won’t note our average speed as unfortunately, the M1 isn’t the Autobahn but the Saab still returned close to 50mpg, that made me very happy.

The 200hp TTiD is an absolute joy, it’s extremely quiet and relaxed when you want it to be, but put your foot down, hear the muted grunt of the Hirsch duel exhaust and plenty of so called sports saloons vanish in the rear view mirror.

Every Saab I’ve ever driven has felt safe at any speed, but the 9-3, with its Hirsch suspension and wheel upgrade feels supremely reassuring, firmly grounded and agile as the miles passed by in a blur.

I enjoyed our long, lazy lunch followed by a whirlwind viewing of the National Portrait Gallery and  an indulgent stop at Paul Bakery in Covent Garden, but I could’t help looking forward to another 100 mile blast in the Saab.

5 thoughts on “To London and back in One Direction

  1. I’ve been driving from Manchester to Bristol every Sunday for the last 6 weeks and back again on the Friday.
    The 9-3 has soo helped with this trip. It’s a joy to get in and drive. Even when sitting still in the M5 or the M6 in traffic its a nice place to be. I have spotted other Saab’s looking at me with that knowing look. I’ve seen one driver pointing out the little Hirsch badge to his passenger who was straining to see it.
    Only problem I have had is one of the valves on the TPMS has failed so I’ve decided to have all of the replaced due to their age.
    Just awaiting the local dealer to get them in.

  2. You folks are kind of lucky, Saab never sold diesel engined cars in Canada. My first experience with a diesel was a Renault Scenic in France back in 2005. I was very impressed by the fuel economy.

    One of my favourite drives is Ottawa to Kingston via highway 15. Very scenic and not much traffic. Maybe this weekend in my Viggen 🙂

    • A bit of both really, fuel seriously expensive here, when we come to Canada we drive nice V6 and V8 cars and enjoy them, whilst here, they are becoming a rare treat. I had a BMW M5 a few years ago and was getting an average of 18mpg, it was costing me around £90 per week to fill up:)

      Saying that, diesels, including our 200hp TTiD are not only fuel efficient, but also extremely refined, and the power exceptionally smooth and enjoyable.

      Enjoy your Viggen, and thank you for the comment.

  3. I’ve started to use the “sports” button on the autobox recently and it’s like having 2 cars. Looking forward to the drive down to Bristol again today. Might even tell the sat nav to avoid the normal route and see where it takes me.

    • God yes, one thing I really miss, that Sport button 🙂 When I’ve had the 9-5 Aeros in the past, you have to make yourself turn it off, so that you can experience the difference again and again.

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