Rendevous. A short film for all car lovers


This is one for all car lovers, not just Saabs. It’s a short film I was shown a few years ago and fell in love with, just an amazing bit of automotive footage.

It’s called Rendezvous and filmed exclusively through the streets of Paris.

Although there have been endless arguments as to what car was used, you’ll soon know it wasn’t a Saab (just listen). However, that doesn’t stop me wishing I could hop in my 9-3 and blast though the very same route.

Enjoy everybody.

13 thoughts on “Rendevous. A short film for all car lovers

  1. I believe it was a 308gts

    Or that might have been something else I watched

    Have you seen 32 hours 7 minutes ? The story of the cannonball

  2. This is just a small extract of a film by Francois Truffaut. Decades before the Go Pro, the filmmaker strapped a camera to the front bumper of his 308gts and roars across Paris just before sunrise to finish at Montparnasse where he meets a beautiful girl. Très français! Some of the scenes are surrealistic as he goes through red lights etc… No visual effects are used. I have a VHS copy of this film somewhere. It was only available underground for obvious reasons.

    • Great information, thank you, I remember digging up a load of information on this when I was first shown it, didn’t know it was just a clip, be great to see the entire film.

      Thanks for adding this, I just love watching it, and the sound, wow.

  3. I watched the short film some time ago too, and I was told that it was filmed with a camera on a Mercedes with sound effects, these effects probably directly being added to the car.

    If you ever do this with the Saab 9-3, please film it 🙂

    • You can look up the explanation of the making of by the director of the film on Youtube, where they do the same route again in an interview some time ago. Interesting story

      • The original film is by Francois Truffaut who used his personal car, a Ferrari (308gts I believe). There are no special effects whatsoever. What director are you talking about?

      • I’m talking about the director Lelouch and the short film Pour un rendezvous (as he calls it in the interview) or C’etait un rendezvous (under which title you can mostly find it on Youtube). He also states there were no special effects added nor is the footage accelerated. The only mixing that is done is the adding of the Ferrari sound to the footage that is shot with the Mercedes. So he did the route twice, once for the images and once for the sound.

      • All my apologies. I got my French directors mixed up. Tks for putting me right. Doesn’t the film finish with an image of the Ferrari?

    • No problem! Thanks for the link. Indeed, it is totally crazy. I’ve heard something about a Swedish Miss Universe being the girlfriend Lelouch has an appointment with. So still a little bit of Swedish flavour added to the story 🙂

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