So long 900

svss_900 Leaving

Over the weekend, I sold my classic 900 convertible, as I watched it being driven off into the sunset; roof down, I felt a touch of Saab sadness creep in. I’m happy to say though, it went to a really nice guy who also loves and appreciates Saabs. What’s more, he has a garage to keep the 900 a little more cosseted than I’ve been able too.

I’ve enjoyed an amazing 18 months of classic convertible heaven, I’ve lavished both time and money on this iconic Saab and enjoyed our time together, but now it’s time to begin the search for something new.

Today, I woke up and our driveway felt somewhat empty, the 900 has left a gap in-between our two 9-3’s, and is longing to be filled. I’m looking forward to beginning the search for my next Saab project, I have just 2 Saabs on my mind, the first is a 9000 Aero (which I haven’t had the pleasure of owning before) and the other is an early 9-3 HOT Aero convertible.

I’ll miss the 900, but I’ll also love the chance to find another Saab to enjoy. So long mighty 900.

9 thoughts on “So long 900

    • It has gone to another good Saab home, shame it’s just as the weather’s turning though, but I have other Saab convertible plans.

      Shame I couldn’t have driven it over for you 🙂

    • Yep, but that’s what you do with Saabs isn’t it, lavish time and money on them to protect them for the future 🙂

      Shame it’s gone just as the weather is turning, but I have other Saab plans afoot.

    • There are a few fantastic ones avaialbe over here in the uk, low milage at sub 150k but none are Aero’s, I’m going to take my time, but those seats just get me every time.

      Thanks, good to hear other opinions

      • Such a stunning 900, I wish I could have given it a good home. It looked like a new car in the pics, simply stunning.

        As for 9k Aero seats, they’re out of this world – not only do they look superb but are so comfortable and really set the car off as something really rather special.

        I was always disappointed with my 9-5 Aero seats after owning a 9k.

        Saying all of the above, the Renault Fuego had extremely comfy seats!

  1. I know what it is to stop keeping a 900, it is not easy to forget.

    Here in Spain, a close friend just sold his 9000 Aero sadly “Mint Condition” a big fan SAAB from Finland. Today is a pretty lame car to find in this enviable state.

    One of my three SAABs is a MY02 9-3 Aero Convertible. I keep enjoying it almost every week of the year. If no future hope some unbridgeable damage aging many years driving it.

    I hope you get a good unit of this model so unique and rarely seen.

    Good luck:


  2. Hi, me again. Enjoying the classic 900 turbo. I wish it had a bit more power but it’s great to cruise in the sun. Do you know how the fairings around the interior are fastened? Just behind the front doors, there is a fastener that goes into a hole on top of the body but nothing to connect to. I have taken the side interior trim panel but that doesn’t help any. I heard about very long bolts coming from the bottom but no sign of anything? Love your new wheels.

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