Made in Trollhattan. A book about Saab

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I only heard about this book a few years ago, it was produced as a special promotion around the launch of the new Saab 9-3 back in 2001 – after months of searching I found a copy.

It’s nicely designed and very Saab, so much so, I went out and exchanged a BMW 5 series for a stunning 9-3 HOT Aero after leafing through its beautifully produced pages. It feels unashamedly Saab, selling the exclusivity and innovation we all associate with owning a Saab.

“How come a car from a small factory, in a small city, in a small country far away can attract people all over the world? Perhaps it is the comfort and the driving characteristics that do it? Or the turbo engine and the performance. Perhaps it is because it is so safe. Maybe it is the design that is the attraction. Perhaps all of it. We believe that people who choose a Saab do so because of its personality. We have 0.3% of the world market and it will probably remain in that neighbourhood. Our goal is not to build lots of good cars, but to build fewer great cars. To own a Saab is to belong to a small group of people, all with their own reasons for choosing a Saab. The common denominator is that you have chosen a car that stands out from the crowd. Welcome to a small but exclusive club. We hope you will remain a member for life”.

Part of my love for Saab has always been its Swedish heritage, and this book captures a little part of that. If you get a chance to buy a copy sometime, grab it, it’s a great thing to have.

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6 thoughts on “Made in Trollhattan. A book about Saab

  1. It really is a nice book. I’m lucky to have it too, and indeed it is very Saab. What is also interesting is that although Saab has 0.3% of the world market, the brand recognition is great. A brand with a lovely personality.

  2. I’m also a lucky owner of Made in Trollhättan. As an editor, I find it to be a work of art. I also have another interesting book showcasing Scandinavian tonality called The SAAB Brand. The covers are made of stainless steel…

      • It was a gift from my dealer. It doesn’t cover as much as Made in Trollhättan but a nice addition to a collection for sure.

  3. Just ordered 3 books, love it. (very) nice condition. Willing to sell 1 or 2 copy’s.

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