Nordic Tuning Extreme 900T

SvsS_900T Nordic 1SvsS_900T Nordic 3 SvsS_900T Nordic 4 SvsS_900T Nordic 2 SvsS_900T Nordic 5 SvsS_900T Nordic 6


A few days ago I uploaded a picture of a stunningly handsome Saab, I thought it may be a modified new generation 900 Turbo but wasn’t 100% sure, now I know. I haven’t found out much more about the car, but happened to come across a load more images of it and had to share them.

It seems like it’s a pretty special 900, heavily modified by Nordic Tuning, Sweden, it features their full works Nordic Extreme make over, my all time favourite BBS Motorsport alloys and a seriously purposeful boot spoiler.

I’ve featured a few Saabs tuned by these guys before, but getting the feeling I need to do more research – are they still tuning Saabs, do they ship their kit to the UK and do they do one for a 160,000 mile TiD Vector SportCombi? I bet they do.


4 thoughts on “Nordic Tuning Extreme 900T

  1. Any interior shots kicking about of this car? I was never a big fan of this model but I like this one with it’s sporty looks. I bet it’s a hoot to drive 🙂

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