SvsS_Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi Ad 2002

A Saab friend kindly donated a whole pile of Saab magazines and old brochures to me a while back and this morning I received even more.

There’s so much I could post, but one ad published back in 2002 grabbed my attention and reminded me why I love the 9-5 Aero Sportwagon so much, it’s just such a stunning car, i love these original Aero alloys too.

I’ve had three 9-5 Aero saloons, but never a Sportwagon unfortunately.

One day maybe.


4 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. have to agree on the wheels they are very nice, in fact they were the first thing I noticed.

    Still looks a modern car even though it’s 12 years old !

  2. i also really like these wheels

    infact I like the whole car, be better with a Hirsch front grille kit

  3. We’ve got the same 17 inch Aero alloys on our 9-5 Aero too. They indeed really look great, typically Saab design. I really love the car with its subtle elegance, great performance and handling and Sandinavian design. Certainly my favourite Saab model.

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