The Quietness of Saabs

SvsS_9-3 Quietness 1SvsS_9-3 Quietness 2SvsS_9-3 Quietness 3

Just over a year ago, I wrote about our choice of tyres for the SportCombi, Kuhmo Ecsta Sport KU39s. Since then, we’ve covered around 15,000 miles and don’t really have much to complain about, they’re provided excellent grip and reasonable longevity for the price, but…

We’ve been suffering from increasing noise levels from the rear of the SportCombi for a few months now. My initial thought was that the rear bearings needed to be changed, but on closer inspection, everything was good, so whilst it was having the front tyres replaced, we thought we’d swap them around to see if it made any difference, it did.

The noise had moved to the front, so surprisingly, the rear tyres also had to be replaced, they had 5mm of tread remaining, so I was a little annoyed, I’m giving the Kuhmos another chance, but if it happens again, it will most definitely be their last.

So, after a rather expensive visit to our local Saab Service Centre, the SportCombi has a set of new tyres again, and I can’t quite believe the difference, the noise i’d slowly got used to has gone, there is almost no road noise.

We’d also got used to having the Saab roof bars on permanently, so I’ve removed those as well and we now have a 165,000 mile SportCombi which is luxuriously quiet to drive again.


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