A Special Car. A Special Feeling

SvsS_A Special Car A Special FeelingSvsS_E2013 SideSvsS_2013 InteriorpsdSvsS_2013 Badge

It’s been an unnerving yet exciting past few years for Saab fans worldwide, we’ve seen the Saab factory close, we’ve seen NEVS take ownership and pride in the Saab brand, we’ve seen the factory re-open, and this week we’ve seen the first few refreshed Saabs come off the production line, how fantastic is that?

I felt extremely proud to see a beautifully photographed, brand new 9-3 Aero on the Saab Cars website (the new leather seats look stunning) and even prouder to hear that they sold at least 15 of them on the first day. We all know it’s getting older, but I have to admit, it looks bloody sexy to me, and I’d still buy it over most other marques even today.

It gives me great hope for the future of Saab, and after experiencing the BMW i3 for a day, I really can’t wait to see what a silent Saab will be like, even in the i3, the acceleration was faster than an M3 0-30, just imagine what a Saab will be like.

Congratulations to NEVS for believing in Saab and for getting this far, I’m right here waiting to put my order in for one next year (if they come to the UK of course).


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