Free Saab Alloys

Free Alloys900 with Super Aero alloys

Seeing as Christmas is a time for giving, I thought I’d spread a bit of Saab love and see if anyone would like a free set of alloys.

As some of you may know, I had a classic Saab 900 Convertible recently, I took the original 15” Super Aero alloys off and replaced them with a set of Carlsson alloys instead.

Originally, the Super Aeros were two tone with a graphite centre, but the previous owner had them refinished in silver, they could really do with with blasting and taking back to two tone again, but they have a decent set of tyres on and are ready to go.

If there is a 900 owner out there who would like them, it would be great for them to go to a good Saab home, you’ll need to come and pick them up from Leicestershire (England) but they’re free, all I’d ask for is a picture of them fitted sometime.

Email me if you’d like a belated Christmas treat.


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