Saabs on the Bridge

SvsS_Bridge Saab 99

SvsS_Bridge Saab 95 1

SvsS_Bridge Saab 95 2

The iconic drama, The Bridge returned over the weekend, and I was thrilled to see it’s lost none of it’s raw beauty or cinematic noir gorgeousness. Ignoring Saga’s stunning classic Porsche 911 for the moment (which is one of my all time favourite cars) I instantly spotted a few perfectly cast Saabs.

Set between Copenhagen and Malmö, I should have expected nothing less, but it’s always great to see the odd Saab pop up, a classic red 99 a 9-5 Police SportCombi, and we’re only on the second episode, more please.

I know this blog is all about Saabs, but a classic Porsche sitting next to our 9-3s, that would work.


2 thoughts on “Saabs on the Bridge

  1. Haven’t wtached the Bridge yet but did watch Idris Elba’s King of Speed on BBC 2 over Christmas and Ari Vantanen was driving a last edition Saab 9-5 in the second part. That was a great sight. Like you I sub-conciously note the presence of Saabs in films or tv programmes. Last one I remember seeing was an old 900 in Conception.

    • Managed to watch the first King of Speed, but not the second yet, I will now I know there’s a Saab in it.

      Point Blank with John Cusack features a smart 9-3 convertible if I remember correctly, such iconic cars.

      Thanks for the comment

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