The sum of Its parts

Saab 9-3 AlloysSaab Parts_95 LightSaab Parts 9-3 Rear Light

Even before I owned Saabs I admired their wheel designs, there’s something very Swedish about them; simple, refined and elegant yet utterly modern, designs that have always reflected Saab beautifully.

There have been a few favourites along the way, the 9-3 HOT Aero twin 3 spoke, double Y alloys for instance or the original Aeros on the 9000, both exceptionally stunning wheels.

Everyone loves alloys, but there are literally thousands of other design details equally as stunning in every Saab – lights, seats, cup holders, air vents, grilles, buttons, each designed to work beautifully together to create a unique aesthetic.

These details can easily be overlooked, but when you take a moment to admire shape and form you really appreciate the shear amount of effort that must have gone into every single part. Saab have always done this so well, always something to inspire you.

7 thoughts on “The sum of Its parts

  1. …nice article!…but you left out of the photos the “hammer head” alloy wheel of the 2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero! That design alone was for me reason enough to buy my car. In my opinion the best wheel design of all times. It was featured in promotional brochures of 20011 fitted on a black 9-5 Aero!

    • Very true, these were mostly, if not all alloys exclusively for the 9-3, the Hammerheads are gorgeous too and maybe I need to do another post featuring just the 9-5 alloys and then a final one for the classics.

      All in all I love most Saab alloys, although it could be a life’s work trying to feature them all 🙂

  2. My thoughts exactly! For example, I’ve noticed that, on my 9-3 SportCombi, rear lights are designed not like those of many other cars.When I shift to reverse, the reverse lights can be seen from both sides of the car, which makes other people aware of my intention to drive backwards. And when it’s dark, this design allows me to have a better view behind the car when I park it.

  3. SAAB alloy wheels are like shoes for me: I collect my favorite designs and I regularly installing in my three SAABs depending on the mood I have.

    Currently I have three SAABs (900NG MY96, 9-3 MY01 & 9-3 MY02) and three alternative sets of tires.

    It costs little to be happy aboard a SAAB.



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