Town, country and off the beaten track

SvsS_SportCombi Dirty 1

SvsS_SportCombi Dirty 2

SvsS_SportCombi Dirty 3

With 171,000 miles under its belt, our SportCombi has proved itself more than worthy in any situation, from city commuting, cross-continent grand tours and family days out, to the weekly grocery shop. Over the past few months I’ve been reminded just how effortlessly it performs its duties.

Every Winter my son helps out at a local country estate, we drive him there in the early morning when the mist still shrouds the countryside and pick him up again when the Winter sun is setting over the rolling fields.

It’s a 15 mile drive each way, along winding lanes and mud tracks to reach the estate, greeted by a sea of Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Mitsubishis; icons of the English countryside, the SportCombi holds its own. It happily carries a very dirty dog, wellies, wax jackets, waterproofs, sticks, bags, food, hats and anything else we care to push in through its doors.

It isn’t a precious car, not to be used, the SportCombi is a workhorse performing faultlessly day in day out, equally comfortable arriving at some Uber cool city offices as it is getting stuck in to country life, and all in legendary Saab comfort and safety.

What more could you ask for from a car?


One thought on “Town, country and off the beaten track

  1. A “workhorse”, I couldn’t agree with you more. That is one of the main reasons I love my SAABs. I don’t know of another car that combines; practicality, versatility and style as well as a SAAB!

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