Saab 9000 Form & Function

Saab 9000 Form & FunctionSaab 9000 On the RoadSaab RoadholdingSaab 9000 Instrument ClusterSaab 9000 Interior

My love affair with the iconic 9000 continues, I have plans afoot to find an Aero in need of a bit of TLC and a touch of uniqueness. For the time being though I have to console myself with other people’s cars, great images and the odd jewel I discover – like an immaculate 1989 brochure for instance.

I found this wonderful 95 page brochure dedicated to the pure Form & Function of the Saab 9000, I love the fact that it contains literally hundreds of beautifully crafted technical illustrations – how the many Saab innovations work, comfort, safety, it’s all in here. Just look at the rear seats in supple tan leather (I can almost smell the Saabness) and that instrument cluster, stunning.

Such an iconic car, and to me, one of the finest Saabs ever built.


4 thoughts on “Saab 9000 Form & Function

  1. When the 9000 came out, I was green with envy. Back then, I was driving my first SAAB, a 1976 99. Little did I know that I would get to own a used 1986 9000T, a brand new 2001 9-5 which I still drive every day and to top it off, a very well preserved low mileage 1993 900 cabrio. 🙂

    • Hi No.99 Sounds like the perfect collection of Saabs to me. The 9000 Aero was my first Saab dream, and although I’ve now owned 8 others, I’ve never manged to get hold of one of these.

      All good things…

      Always happy to share photos if you fancy sending a couple in of your current line up 🙂

  2. The 9000 is a great car. Unfortunately, the McPherson front axle ruins the handling – it may corner fast, but not as fast as a 900, and corners definitely feel “wrong”. And first generation (i.e. CC) build quality is not so well. Every 9000 CC I’ve either owned or driven is rather rattly. And neither are they as resistant to corrosion as one might expect from a Saab.
    But still, what a car! Room for five, enormous cargo capacity, versatile, comfortable. And fast. very fast. Not only for it’s age, even today it’s all but slow. My 1989 9000 turbo with 288.000km on the clock still runs 235km/h (says the GPS, speedo reads slightly over 240). That’s 20km/h faster than what’s stated in th eregistration papers… guess the trolls must have had a good day when assembling my engine. Owners religiously sticking to the prescribed maintenance schedule might also have helped, I guess. 🙂
    And if you take it easy, it’s also extremely fuel efficient. I mostly do long distance commutes, meaning a 590km-run (one-way) from Berlin to Munich and back each weekend. Set the cruise control to 120km/h and I usually get 7.5 to 8.2 liters/100km.
    And did I mention the cargo capacity? Last year I bought a Kuhlmann drawing board (for DIN A0 paper size). The seller could not believe I did not rent a van, but showed up in my little 9000. And guess what? Of course, it nicely fit…

    Show me any other car this powerful from the 80s that can do this – all of this. There may be cars as fast (or faster), there may be cars as comfortable, ther may be cars as spacious and there may be cars as efficient.
    But I do not know of any other car to combine all these features.

    • Hi, for some reason I missed approving this great comment, apologies.

      Anything to do with Saab handling I’d leave to Abbott Racing here in the UK, amazing guys and have transformed a couple of my past Saabs.

      Still remember fitting a ridiculously large bed in to the back of my first 9000.

      Great cars, and yes, still fast even by todays standards, thank you for the comment / story.

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