Probably the best seats in the world

SvsS_Aero 1 SvsS_Aero 2 SvsS_Aero 4 SvsS_Aero 5 SvsS_Aero 6 SvsS_Aero 7 SvsS_Aero_3

SvsS_Full Aero Seat

Ever since I first fell in love with Saabs there has been one particular car that fuelled the obsession, the Saab 9000 Aero. If I’m honest  it was the interior that excited me almost as much as the car itself, those amazingly curvaceous seats, once sat in, the feeling is never forgotten. To me, these are the seats that helped give Saab the reputation for creating the best car seats in the world.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to meet another great Saab lover, he drove from Ireland to pick up the 900 alloys I’d offered a few months back. He has a great collection of Saabs including a couple of 900’s a 9-3 SportCombi and a fantastic 9000 Aero. After chatting for a while, it turned out that he’d got a spare 9000 Aero interior he didn’t need, how could I resist?

For the time being, they’re residing in our living room and will eventually form part of  another Saab project, until then though I can admire their exquisite detailing. Over the years since I first saw them, they haven’t lost any of their beauty, they’ve got an exceptionally timeless shape and design and are as comfortable as I remember.

If only every car seat were as good as these.

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