333,333 miles. One happy owner

Saab 900 S Front Saab 900 S RearSaab 900S 333

A few days ago I was sent the latest Saab to become a member of the High Mile Club. – A black 900S with 333,333 miles under its belt, and a very respectable club 2nd place.

What I love about this Saab is that it’s been owned by the same person since it was driven out of the Haymill Saab showroom back in 1997.

Bought originally as a company car, it spent it’s first 172,000 miles on the M4, travelling some 120 miles on a daily commute and numerous business trips throughout the UK. After 4 years, the owner purchased it from his company for £2200 which was, in his words “probably my best buy ever”. It’s been used as his daily driver ever since and outlasted a number of other family cars.

“All in all, a sound car and a pleasure to own and drive. I think it has earned its high miler reputation through and through”

I tend to agree and hope it’s owner enjoys adding many more miles.

4 thoughts on “333,333 miles. One happy owner

  1. There is something very cool about a standard car that wears its dings with pride and has a huge amount of miles under the belt. I wish the owner many more miles of happy motoring.

  2. Well, marvelous!!! This mileage stands for 533,332km… at this point any car of its level would be “retired”. Congratualtions to the owner and to SAAB for this REAL CAR.

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