And then there were three (again)

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So, it happened like this, a friend of a friend had just purchased a 9-3 convertible, and this sweet 900 convertible was for sale, we popped round to see it, and now there are three Saabs on the drive again. I was planning on the next project being a 9000 Aero, but this kind of just seemed right.

It’s a nicely relaxed, automatic 2.3i; just perfect for lazy Summer driving, it’s only covered 115,000 miles (it’ll be joining the ranks of the High Mile Club shortly) and is as smooth and elegant a drive as any convertible i’ve driven, I’m loving the colour too, a deep claret with black mohair roof.

It needs some tlc though and has already received it’s first treat – a set of 9-5 Aero 17” alloys which fit perfectly thanks to a set of MapTun 5mm spacers from the great folks at Neo Brothers. Next up, a set of Abbott Racing lowered and stiffened springs to sort out the so, so handling, a new front bumper and a few other touches to make it feel special again.

I forgot how gorgeous the dashboard is too, I love the simple analogue clock and those air vents.

More to follow on project 900, if I don’t feel too relaxed of course.

5 thoughts on “And then there were three (again)

  1. Congratulations on your new purchase 🙂

    I’m loving the colour too and the alloys you’ve chosen complement the car well. Now lets just hope for another summer like last year and you can enjoy it to it’s full potential.

    There’s something comforting about an analogue clock. I guess it reminds me of years gone by when I would wait in the car while my parents went into the garden centre or whatever to pick up something, and I couldn’t turn on the radio to keep me entertained. Just me, my imagination and the click of the analogue clock.

    • Thanks for the comments Kev, it’s such a good colour, don’t love red cars, but this just works.

      The analogue clock feels a little more ‘off-grid’ to me, not controled by computer.

      Already had a couple of good runs in it, roof down, so realxed 🙂

      • Congratulations on the new acquisition. Not a 9-3 Aero Convertible as originally had thought to look but certainly the 900NG is also very interesting and enjoyable car. This seems like a good and well maintained unit.

        It´s ingenious analog clock settings:

        “When you set the analogue clock using the two buttons beneath the clock, the digital clock will be set simultaneously.

        You can check the digital clock setting by pressing the (o-) and (o+) buttons briefly (the time will be shown throughout 5 seconds). During the interval, the digital clock can be set in the same way as the other SID functions.

        After the battery has been disconnected (display shows 12:00/SET CLOCKS), the clocks must be synchronized as follows:

        1.- First set the analogue clock and then the digital clock.

        2.- Press SET to obtain synchronization (SET CLOCKS vanished from the display)”

        (Extracted from the owner’s manual).

        Enjoy it.


      • MF, Amazing, nice to learn new stuff, thank you.

        Still plan to aim for the 9-3 HOT Aero, but this seemed such a great opportunity, have just picked it up again today after a new set of Abbott Racing springs have been fitted and loving the way it drives and looks.

        May try the alloys from the wife’s SportCombi next, see if they suit the 900 better than the 9-5 Aero alloys 🙂

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