SvsS_Lowered 900

For the past few days the 900 has been in the Bond Street workshops being treated to a new set of Abbott Racing springs. Having been some of the first to successfully race the 900, they really do know how to get these cars to handle exceptionally well.

I’ve only had a set of the lowered and stiffened springs fitted, but wow, what a difference, the 20 mile drive home felt like I was in a different Saab – firmer with more poise to the steering, superior cornering and a tighter feel altogether.

Just as importantly, they’ve lowered the 900 by at least 30mm and the new 9-5 Aero 17’ alloys fit in there beautifully now.

Thanks to the folks at Abbott Racing and Bond Street for yet more great support, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more things to sort out in the coming months.

Right, what next?


  1. Yes! I had Abbott springs on my Viggen, and I understand exactly what you mean about the difference.

    Please make the next two essentials on your upgrade list the steering rack clamp and brace, and the upgraded rear swaybar from Genuine Saab in the US. Very easy upgrades to do at home yourself…. I posted lots of pictures of my installation on flickr once upon a time. Search Mike900 on Flickr.

    It’ll feel like a new car again with those upgrades, especially the sway bar.

    Have fun!

    • Good recommendations Mike, am attempting to keep things simple, but agree, these other tweaks are pretty essential.

      Will be sure the follow the Flickr installation when I do, thanks.

  2. It really does look better lowered a bit, wasn’t sure on the alloys on your last post but it does look a lot better now. Double Ys (ALU 36) are still my favourite on the OG 9-3.

    • I tried the Aero alloys of my wife’s 9-3 SportCombi, but didn’t look as good somehow, these are simpler and seem to balance the solidity of the 900 more.

      Had the Double Ys on some of my old 9-3 Aeros, love, love them, I’m hoping i can have a few different sets to play with on this car. Really happy with the lower look, some tweaks to make but getting there.

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