Icelandic & Canadian Saab Spotting

svss_canada saab 1svss_canada saab 2svss_canada saab 6svss_canada saab 7svss_canada saab 8svss_canada saab 3svss_canada saab 4svss_Canada Saab 5

I must confess, Saab spotting in different countries has become part of our family holiday tradition since I started this blog, “hey Dad, there’s another nice Saab” as it flashes by.

We’ve just flown back from a few weeks in Iceland and Canada, but although we fell in love with Iceland the only Saab we saw was a stunning 9-7x when I was without camera. I really wanted to see a few more as it just seems like the perfect landscape for Saabs (anyone from Iceland who fancies sending me a picture of their Saab, I’d be most grateful).

Canada was a different story – from Toronto to Muskoka, St Jacobs to London, we were lucky enough to see a vast range of Saabs being enjoyed. I managed to grab a few photos to share with you all including a rare sight these days, a SAAB dealership.

Ultimate Cars in London, Ontario proudly displays it’s Saab sign for everyone to see, what’s more, they have a great selection for sale including some gorgeous 9-3s and a couple of highly desirable new generation 9-5s, well done folks.

Great trip.


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