The Turbo Innovators

Saab Turbo

Saab have become renowned for their innovations, innumerable contributions to the automotive world that can be found in almost any marque. Arguably their greatest innovation has been the inspirational use of the Turbo. I’ve just read a recent article over on Automotive News entitled ‘Why Turbocharger fans owe Saab a thank you’.

Saab’s contribution to automotive history is the hottest component today: the turbocharger. To give you a good idea of just how important the turbocharger has become: Two weeks ago Jaguar Land Rover opened a plant in England that will build approximately 500,000 petrol and diesel engines per year. Every single one of those engines will have at least one turbocharger bolted to it.

Steve Rossi; Saab’s PR director from the 80s, added “Saab will be recognised as an innovator and turbocharging will be a part of that. I see turbocharging as one example of Saab’s forward thinking”.

I wholeheartedly agree. Read the article.

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