X Rated Saab

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It was time to make a choice, either spend some money on my wife’s loyal 185,000 mile SportCombi or invest in a new one that would see us through many more years of Saabing – we chose to invest.

We’d briefly looked at other options, but nothing stood out or appealed quite like a 9-3 SportCombi, in fact my wife wouldn’t look at anything else. She had simple requests: it had to be black or dark grey, have bluetooth, leather, heated seats and parking sensors, the search was on.

We saw some the hadn’t been looked after, others that were too expensive and others that just didn’t feel right, then a pretty special 9-3 came along.

A black 2011 93X with 200hp Hirsch upgrade, full sport leather, Sat Nav and all of the above requirements. It came from S.A.B, a great guy who specialises in exceptional quality Saabs with many years experience.

It’s already settled in nicely, doing it’s job and carrying son and dog to a local country estate over the weekend, lots of mud, lots of 4x4s, but the 9-3X looked perfectly at home.

Looking forward to the next 100,000 or so miles in this great Saab.


11 thoughts on “X Rated Saab

  1. Very nice indeed, so much more class than any German rival. Saab really did get the design and presence spot on – unlike Rover did years ago with their ‘Streetwise’ models!

  2. Congrats on your other new purchase. It’s a lovely car and i’m sure it will give you many years of joy. When I was looking to purchase a 9-3 a few years ago I was in the SAAB showroom and they had one of these sitting there. This was post bankruptcy and clearly cars weren’t shifting due to the dealer keeping the prices high and warranty concerns as well of course. But every time I was in I couldn’t help but go over and have a look around it. I was sorely tempted to get one for myself but the 9-3X was too new at the time and I couldn’t afford even a good used one. But what a lovely and very practical car. Who knows, maybe in the future. Just a shame they could put the four wheel drive system in the diesel model. But I have to be honest I’ve now got my eye on the BMW Alpina D3 with the 3 litre bi-turbo diesel engine pumping out 350 bhp. It’s a beast of a car and very reasonable running costs for such a powerful car. The M3 is quicker than it, but not by much. I’m hoping for a promotion at work so maybe if I get that and once we’ve moved house 🙂 . But if I do go down that route i’ll still be keeping the SAAB. It’s the best car I’ve owned so far and i’m really attached to it. I love it love it love it!! 🙂

    • Absolutely, we’ve lived with it for a few weeks now and really enjoying it, doesn’t feel as fast as my 9-3 salon felt, but also doesn’t have all of the Hirsch performance extras either.

      Really enjoying it, not a great time of year to be talking too many photos though.

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