The 900 returns under the cover of night Part II

svss_Classic 900 1svss_Classic 900 2svss_Classic 900 3

Unfortunately, not to me though.

I received an interesting email from Fahad yesterday, he’d just purchased my classic 900 convertible – from a salvage yard.

How did that happen? Just under 2 years ago, it had received plenty of love from the folks at Abbott Racing, the interior had been removed, cleaned, fed and reinstalled, I’d found a gorgeous set of rare Carlsson alloys and had plenty of other stuff done to it.

I begrudgingly had to sell, but it went to a great guy who’d always wanted a classic 900, i didn’t hear anything about it for the following year and then I spotted it driving through my home town, all still looked pretty special. Since then it’s fortunes seemed to have changed, what happened and how did it end up at a salvage yard in Cornwall?

Luckily, it’s been rescued by Fahad at Premier Tuning, and he’s passionate about Saabs. Over the coming year or so, he’ll be renovating and retuning this rare convertible to better than factory standards, I’ll try and post updates as and when I can, but you’ll be able to follow its progress over on Premier Tuning’s Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see the finished result, so glad this car has been saved, again.


16 thoughts on “The 900 returns under the cover of night Part II

  1. I am saddened to hear about this gorgeous c900 example ending up in a salvage yard. However, I am very happy to hear that someone has stepped up to save this deserving SAAB.

    Kudos to Fahad and please keep us posted on the progress!

  2. How can such a tidy car deteriorate so much in two years that someone just scraps it. Madness. He/she must have had more money than sense as even if it has developed a few problems selling it you would still get bags more than scrap which last time i heard was only about £90/tonne. It would be interesting to know the reason.

  3. I know Fahad, actually he called me when picked the Abbott up…perhaps to gloat but also to ask if I knew the car? Fortunately I did…
    The cars future is secured as Fahad has been loozing for a 900T16s for quite some time. It will join his current toy, an OG9-3 Aero that is in the process of having a B235r (with one of Premiers maps) fitted…For no other reason than he wanted to take it ‘to Viggen spec’ well Fahad, I’m sorry but your Aero will be above Viggen spec.
    Back to the Abbott…its a good start point for him but it will be stripped back and rebuilt by his mechanics and a mate that runs the top body shop in Leeds will be doing all the metalwork.
    It will be interesting to see what it was in a salvage yard for…
    Keep on Abbotting Fahad 😉

  4. Man, what a shocking story, though at the same time luckily a story with a positive twist again. It indeed doesn’t make any sense as the car would always sell for more money than bringing it to the scrapyard. Great that Fahad found the car and saved it. Very thankfull for that.
    Just yesterday evening I was looking at your pictures of your beautiful SAAB 900 convertible again, imagening how great a 900 convertible like that would be next to our SAAB 9-5 Aero. Also remembering that you saw it on the streets in between.
    The specifications of that 900 convertible are just great, and you did a great job even improving it. Looking forward to the restoration.

    • Cloud with a silver lining I think, Fahad sounds as though he’ll do a stunning job on the 900 and also cherish it once done. Respect. I’ll try and post updates on the renovation too

  5. presumably an accident/collision to the front passenger side? Looks like there’s some damage there in that third photo. Regardless of that, though, I agree – madness to scrap it and not to sell it on! The super aero’s would be worth more than the scrapper paid, surely?!

  6. I might call in at Fahads tonight or tomorrow and take some better pictures Paul.
    I can ask about damage/salvage deal whilst I’m there…

      • Sorry for not posting earlier, only just noticed this.

        Restoration was delayed as I was finishing the 9-3 off but that’s done now.

        The 900 is now at my mates body shop and we plan on stripping her down after the summer hols and getting it ready for next year.

        Will send some pics when we actually get our hands dirty.

  7. Guys we’ve finally started the restoration of this classic beauty!!

    We’ve managed to strip th bodywork down and the interior and carpets, and last night the flaky bonnet was stripped down to bare metal to reveal a pretty decent and almost rust free panel!!

    I’ve opted for BMW Sapphire Black after lots of time spent studying colour charts and speaking to the helpful paint mixers at Autopaint in Bradford. With the carlsson kit and some subtle lowering of the suspension, with the 16″ Super Aero’s I will hopefully end up with my dream SAAB.

    My wife isn’t very happy about me now having the use of 3 cars.. But I know she’ll be fine when she sees the end result 😉

    If you want to watch progress I’m trying to post regular pics and videos on the Premier Tuning Facebook page which you can find off

    please feel free to comment and provide any help/insight on there. My mates are all getting stuck in, everyone seems to want to help this project move along which is great.



  8. I’ll comment…should have gone with solid black Fahad 😉
    Good luck with it.
    I’ll come down when I know Debi and Emma are stable and I can leave without worrying too much.
    Hopefully it will get back to the condition both Paul and David kept it…l’ll try Drew for more info on its previous life 😉 Jay may even have service records an stuff for it???

  9. Fahad, I like what I am reading. I am currently in the process of doing something similar to my SiS. Occasionally keep us updated with a picture or two on this blog.

    Good luck with your restomod!!

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