The Swedish Collection. 9-5NG SportCombi

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Whilst over in Sweden, I accepted a very kind invitation to visit another huge Saabist, Michèl Annink. He lives with his family in an absolutely stunning part of the country, surrounded by exceptional views, water, trees and Saabs.

We were warmly greeted with iced water, coffee, hot Cinnamon buns and spent a few hours talking about our shared love of Saabs, Michèl kindly let me take a few photos of his impressive collection and I’ll be featuring them in 3 parts.

First up is a Saab that I think we all hoped and prayed would reach every Saab showroom, and to me, possibly one of the most beautiful Saabs ever crafted, the 9-5NG Sportcombi.

Michèl owns one of the few SportCombis in the world and together with the support of his family, has worked tirelessly to gain road legal approval in Sweden.

It is clad in gleaming Arctic White with full Aero styling, a Hirsch exhaust system that sounds absolutely mind-blowing and rests on a set of 19” edge alloys. Purposefully lowered by about 40mm it also has a fantastic stance.

Inside, Michèl has retro fitted full Aero heated and vented sports seats together with a number of original Saab options and most recently, a high end touch screen navigation system.

Sitting alongside our (begrudgingly) hired Audi A6 wagon, there really was no comparison, the Saab oozed modern style and unique presence. It’s a Saab that demands attention.

Tack Michèl, it was great to meet you all and a real privilege to see this great Saab. Long may it bring you pleasure.

More about the unique 9-5NG SportCombi here and here

The stunning 9-4X to follow shortly.

8 thoughts on “The Swedish Collection. 9-5NG SportCombi

  1. I have a 2007 Saab 9-5 & I must say if this vehicle was in the U.S. I would buy it in a heartbeat. This is looks stunning!!! Best looking wagon I ever seen. I would even take this over an Audi RS6!!!

    • Always wanted to love the Audi A6 wagons, but after owning 3 and having the gearbox go on all of them, i’ve kind of given up. Even the loan Audi in Sweden went wrong, but that’s another story. The Saab SportCombi really did make it look rather bland though 🙂

  2. Beautiful looking car. Certainly one for the bucket list even if it is in LHD. I remember reading somewhere that only 27 were ever registered, that is rare.

  3. I think it looks better than the saloon version. I’ve never been too sure about the bootline from some angles but the sport-combi is perfect.

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