Big Sky Thinking

svss_Big Sky Thinking

I purchased my latest 9-3 Aero convertible always with a big plan, there are certain tweaks and changes I want to make to bring out the best in this iconic Saab. Yesterday, it went in to Malcolm Miles for an mot and I had a chance to talk through the ideas with them. Big choices ahead, send a chunk of cash on this Saab or invest in another, later model Aero convertible.

Sticking with the original 9-3 would result in a pretty special car, a unique 270+ hp engine, hugely Improved handling, drive-ability and of course the inherent style of this model.

Opting to sell this one and invest in a later 03 – 07 model would obviously be a sound financial move, but maybe not quite as much fun, after all I’d end up with a standard Aero and something far less unique.

Either way, a Saab convertible is the ideal place for a bit of big sky thinking, I’ll enjoy every moment.


7 thoughts on “Big Sky Thinking

  1. A quick trip to Karl should have you a map for you’re ‘targetted’ bhp for very little money.
    Limited pictures of the car it looks very nice. Any chance of some more pictures of it please?

  2. In my opinion, stick with the pure Ian Callum design of your OG-9-3. My Steel Grey baby is equipped with Maptun Stage 3 (280 hp/280 Nm, 3″ stainless downpipe & racecat). Other hidden features include steering clamp, 6-point subframe brace and a couple of urethane bushings here and there. No hard racer, but a capable and good-looking piece of joy. Worth of every “extra” penny!!

  3. I´m glad you continue enjoying the 9-3 Aero convertible.

    I think later 9-3 (03-07) will not improve the quality of your current SAAB. Although new 9-3 was better in many ways, the quality of materials and the benefits offered by the Trionic 7 I think that you’ll miss.

    Besides, the 9-3 Aero that you and me got is much more upscale…

    Good luck.


  4. Great looking car Paul, especially with the roof down on a great day…I would hold on to that one, it’s a definite classic. I’ve just made a cosmetic improvement to the convertible with the addition of 18″ turbine alloys that I think I mentioned I was considering in a previous email. I’ll send you some photos, it’s given it a fresh new look, cheers, G:-) .

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