Saab 9-3 HOT Aero Convertible

svss_93-2svss_93-1svss_93-3svss_93-6 svss_93-8svss_93-10 svss_93-11 svss_93-12

Before the weather really turns nasty, I thought I’d try and grab a few photos of the newly reworked 9-3. I have to admit, I’m completely in love with how it looks – the subtle exterior changes add the finishing touches to an already timeless and iconic Saab. The lowered stance just looks damn right sexy, the new stainless steel exhaust with wide oval chrome pipe fits the Aero bodykit beautifully and I’ve removed the side Aero badges to clean the profile up even more.

Roof up or down, this model Saab just oozes style, the mods have just added to the overall enjoyment.

7 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 HOT Aero Convertible

  1. The car looks fantastic Paul…think you made the right choice sticking with it and adding to it. Have fun…even when the weather’s colder, you can’t beat a bit of roof-down driving. Enjoy, kind regards, G:-) .

  2. It´s becoming a brilliant result, very good improves lowered suspension. I imagine that at least have in mind to place 308 mm. discs. on the front. We must stop that excess HP!

    To enjoy many miles.


    • Brakes – yes, really are the next thing to add, and new tyres all round I think. I’ll be enjoying it all through Winter but longing for Spring again. Thanks for the comments

  3. It’s amazing, very nice results, the lowered suspension provides a different look by keeping at the same time the timeless shape that make this car iconic. I love the “de-badging”, it’s something that I’ve to do too.

  4. really need to get a decent camera, the urge to take photos like these of our SAAB are overwhelming! 😀 Cameras on phones just don’t have enough field of view to take nice car photos

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