Saab Reflections

svss_refelctions 3svss_reflection 1svss_reflections 2svss_Reflections 4

I gave the Aero a much deserved clean today – after breaking the roof and having it fixed one day then promptly ripping off the front bumper the next, it really did deserve it.

Once i’d finished, it wasn’t the overall cleanliness that caught my eye, it was the gorgeous reflections being cast over it, not only that, but the glimpses of the interior through the reflections – just so Saab.  A bit of indulgent photography, but we all need it sometimes.


9 thoughts on “Saab Reflections

    • Hi Kent. Combination of using it too much in cold damp conditions and getting pine needles in the mechanism from our over sized Christmas tree dash 🙂 All sorted though.

    • Thanks Kent, great ‘how to’ luckily it wasn’t too bad and Jason at Malcolm Miles had it sorted again in no time. I’ll keep that link if something goes wrong again though for sure.

      • You’ll probably know one of my mates from Jay’s place then…Drew?
        He remembers a couple of your old cars, Fahads 900 being one of them lol
        Amazing how small the SAAB world Is!!!

  1. This SAAB is stunning. I love steel grey color on convertible. Wish I had it on my Hirsch 🙂

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