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I’m not normally a huge fan of the Saab Sonett, but I stumbled across this fantastic film short over on CineCars, featuring an immaculate red Sonett II and had to share it.

The film is in Dutch, but has subtitles with some great statements about the Saab.

“People sometimes describe the Sonett as a Ferrari that shrunk in the washing machine” and “It’s a real Saab, a Saab 96 with a shortened wheelbase and a faster engine”

Well worth a watch:

16 thoughts on “Dutch Sonett

  1. Hi there, thank you for sharing the video and article, just want to let you know that the language spoken is not Danish but Dutch, that’s the Netherlands not Danmark 🙂 Ciao! Mirko/Director http://www.cinecars.nl

      • Thanks for you kind words, we’ve 70 films online right now and are working hard to reach petrolheads of all brands all over the world.

      • Nice to meet you Mirko, I’ve owned some 60+ cars so am a fully fledged petrolhead, currently have 2 Saabs, 1 Porsche and eyes always wide open for new projects. Great site and will enjoy watching plenty of the films #getoutanddrive

      • Good to hear! let’s stay in touch and who knows when I’ll be shooting in the UK or find talented petrol/filmheads to film for CineCars over there! we’ve now ambassadors in Italy, Germany Switzerland and Belgium. The UK has a lot of automotive history!!! 🙂

  2. Wow, that is an excellent video, done exceptionally well —- the type of quality you would expect to see on SvS.

    The Sonett 2 continues to be my Unicorn. I have been looking for a ’69 V4, for several years. It is extremely hard to find one rust free. The ’67, featured in this video, is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to know more about the history of this particular car, definitely well loved and cared for.

    • Thanks for your great comments as usual Allan, I wish I had the time to do film like this, CineCars have really done a wonderful job, not only on the Sonett, but the many others they have on their site too, wish they were closer for a collab 🙂

      • That would be an awesome partnership!! I will take the time to view some of their other videos.

        Know that you mentioned it, I would love to see you take on a video project and I know the perfect SAAB to start with: your previously owned c900 convertible —- I’m anxious to see how Fahad is doing with the resto!!!

    • Hey! The owner is me. This particular car belonged to a Sonett two-stroke enthusiast in Switzerland. He had around 10 of them. In the late 70’s this man died in a car crash, with a Sonett two stroke, and his wife sold all cars. This one ended up in Holland, got fixed up and driven. In the 90’s the car got a full bolt to bolt restoration, resulting in a mint condition Sonett! The car sleeps in a garage, together with 3 96’s, a 99, 900 and 9-3.

      • Christiaan, thank you for sharing some of it’s history, an immaculate Sonett for sure. Also, an enviable Saab collection you have, feel free to share a photo if you can.

      • Hello Christiaan, thanks so much for sharing!!! The power of the Internet is simply awesome!! That is an incredible story. It is so much more meaningful, when you have a story to put with a car.

        I must say the car looks outstanding. I have looked at the video 4 times already and saved several still shots to my picture library. It really does my heart good to see these vintage SAABs being saved and restored, but more importantly, driven and enjoyed!!

        You are taking excellent care of the car. Even after several years since the restoration, the car still looks like it just came off of the assembly line.


  3. Our last project in Italy that will be out this spring was crowdfunded and is about italian police cars, it would be very interesting if we could get a crowdfunding going or a sponsorship to shoot a nice film in the UK

    • You can count me in on the crowdfunding, your Site is amazing! I was not previously familiar with CineCars, until it was mentioned here. It reminds me of Petrolicious, yet slightly more tastefully done.

      I spent a couple of hours on CineCars last night, reading and watching videos. I was so impressed with the content, that I subscribed.

      • Thanks a lot Allan for the kind words, I’ve started CineCars alone and bit by bit it’s becoming a community, I really like that, it’s about iconic cars but also about us, the drivers becoming friends because of the passion we share. I think that is a very good motive to continue filming stories and sharing passion. CineCars communicates a lot also true FaceBook. I really like to do some shooting in the UK I hope to find/create a chance for it soon. Thanks again Allan 🙂 Mirko

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