The High Mile Club’s Newest Member

Saab 9-3X_Front storyHigh MIle Club

Our 2011 9-3X TTiD has just joined the ranks of the esteemed High Mile Club and is now proudly showing 100,000 miles.

Compared to some other club members its barely run in of course, and has a long way to go to catch our previous SportCombi with 185,000 miles (and still going strong).

We’ve loved it for the past two years, but the time has come for it to make way for another Saab project, alas, the High Mile Club’s newest member is for sale over on Ebay.

Those of you who read the blog will have read plenty about this Saab, but for those who know less, I’ll repeat the Ebay listing below.

Sad to see it go and hope it’ll find a home with another Saabist, it’s a very special Saab and will make someone else exceptionally proud.

In 2009 Saab launched the 9-3X – a Crossover AWD version of the SportCombi with a few rugged styling enhancements. Sturdy wheel arches and side skirts designed to protect the car from mud and gravel, an enlarged front grille, detailed skid plates front & rear, chunky twin exhaust, aluminium roof bars and an extra 35mm added to the ride height.

Although launched as an AWD, Saab couldn’t afford to connect their exceptionally capable TTiD4 engine with the necessary running gear, so the 9-3X TTiD was only ever available with 2 wheel drive.

Result, gorgeous rugged styling, but hugely efficient – currently returning between 45 – 50mpg.

As standard, this is 180bhp but has benefitted from a Hirsch upgrade taking it to a capable 200bhp.

This also has the very rare full leather sports interior and Sat Nav, both really nice touches.

It’s just covered 100,000 miles (low mileage for a Saab, we sold our last at 180,000 and that one’s still driving around the neighbourhood), has had a new timing belt, water pump and full service by one of the best Saab specialists I know of – Malcolm Miles.


2011 9-3X TTiD
3 previous owners
100,500 Miles
MOT until November 2016
Solid Black
Heated seats
Roof Bars
Full sport Leather
Sat Nav
Boot Tray
Recent discs and pads
Full Service History

Some points to note:

Tyres good but will need changing within the next year or so
Sat Nav works intermittently (regular 9-3 issue, could be fixed with an updated disc)
Slight scuff on front bumper from a careless garage (being removed at present)
Private plate will not be with the car

Ebay listing here

Saab 9-3X_Exterior 4Saab 9-3X_Exterior rear 2Saab 9-3X_Exterior RearSaab 9-3X_Full InteriorSaab 9-3X_DetailSaab 9-3X_Detail 2

5 thoughts on “The High Mile Club’s Newest Member

  1. Good luck with the sale. Had it been automatic, I might have considered a trip from Ireland as there are only a handful here in this country. What are you replacing it with?

    • Thanks Luke, lots of interest, really are amazing Saabs. Ideas are brewing for replacement as we speak, to many Saabs, not enough time, still haven’t found the perfect 9000 Aero yet!

      • Yeah the 9000 is really starting to make a comeback. We had a 9000 CS when I was a kid and I have great memories of it. Best of luck with the search – look forward to seeing what you come up with on the site!

  2. Hello Sir,

    In your post you have stated ‘Sat Nav works intermittently (regular 9-3 issue, could be fixed with an updated disc)’ I have the very same problem. I’m not sure how to fix it. I was going to replace DVD laser. The question is: Is this necessary? Do I have to replace laser or is it just a Sat Nav disc update issue? I would appreciate your advice.

    PS. I absolutely love this website, all your posts are great! Really enjoy reading it!

    All the best!


    • Hey Mateusz, it seems a good disc cleaner sorted mine out, same on our 9-3X also. This is only personal experience, but I’m swear the discs wear out and need replacing, worked perfectly after a clean and a new disc. Thanks for the comment on the site too, so glad others get pleasure out of it.

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