It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Saab Inside_5Saab Inside_1Saab Inside_3Saab Inside_4Saab Inside_6

For a while now, I’ve been focusing my attention on the outside of my 9-3 Aero – engine mods, tuning, exhaust, suspension, brakes… I suddenly realised I hadn’t taken the time to appreciate just how special the inside feels in these Saabs too.

This weekend brought some gorgeous weather and a bit of spare time to give it a clean up and moisturise the leather, dust off the wind deflector and generally prep it for plenty of topless road trips.

When you clean, you start to appreciate the quality and shear attention to detail. Although 15 years old, nothing appears worn or broken, buttons and dials are all near on perfect with no rattles, everything just works beautifully. I can’t put the comfort of these Aero seats into words easily, shaped better than virtually any other car I’ve ever driven, head rests in just the right position and blessed with heating for cold days, what a great place to be.

I still find it unbelievable that you can pick one of these Saabs up from sub £1k. When I’m in it, I can’t help feeling a bit like I’m in an exclusive club, not everyone knows just how amazing these cars are, and to be quite selfish, I’m glad they don’t either.

Saab Inside_2


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