Bridgestone over trouble water

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A few would tell me new tyres on the 9-3 have been a long time coming, too long, in fact I might have got into trouble if I hadn’t changed them!

The 9-3 Aero has been in need of new tyres pretty much since I purchased it 2 years ago, not that they were illegal, more the combination of Summer and Winter tyres and varying degrees of wear.

Concentrating more on the fun things – 2.3 block, new turbo, exhaust, lowered suspension, springs (the list goes on), but obviously each and every upgrade puts more emphasis on the tyres to perform well, so it was time, new tyres.

This might be painful for some Saab folk to hear, but both my Lexus (sorry) and Porsche (sorry) run on Bridgestone, both perform amazingly well, so the Saab had to have Bridgestone too. After a bit of research, I found a wonderfully gorgeous type called the Potanza Adrenalin. Reviews gave them seriously high ratings with great grip in wet and dry conditions, a more connected drive, low road noise and excellent longevity.

A very reasonable £320 and a few hours later, the Saab is now proudly sitting on brand new rubber, and from a short drive, it already feels so, so much better. I’m looking forward to a proper, spirited drive home later to see how they really enhance the Saab.

‘Saab, because you’re worth it ‘.

6 thoughts on “Bridgestone over trouble water

  1. I replaced all the tyres on my Aero recently. I went for Goodyear Eagles 235/45/17.. no grumbles with these, they’ve lived up to every expectation in a wide variety of weather. When we bought the car it had a mishmash of tyres with Landsails on the front which tram lined really badly, in comparison It was a vast improvement even fitting winter tyres (235/45/17 Dunlop Sp Winter Sport 4D’s) over the season so when changeover came I ditched the Lansails and can really tell the difference.

    I’m interested to find out what size tyres other people are using on their cars?

  2. I just found a list of original specs for the 2008 convertible wheels/tyres (as my own) which might go some way in explaining the difference in profiles users state as their preferred tyre sizes. They are listed as this:

    16 x 6.5˜, 215/55
    17 x 7.0˜, 225/45
    17 x 7.5˜, 235/45
    18 x 7.5″ , 225/45

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