Return to the fold

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Whenever I hear about someone either buying a Saab for the first time, or returning to the fold, I feel a sense of pride. I feel pleased to hear about someone else who’ll look after another Saab for the future.

M from Scotland recently sent me a few snaps of his very smart 2007 9-3 Aero 2.8T. He’d been an Aero owner previously, but after several years of V8’ing, has found his way back. Since purchasing the 42,000 mile 9-3, M has been busy getting it exactly how he wants it, adding a set of 19” RS6 alloys (which seriously suit it), Hirsch diffuser and discreet rear boot spoiler, he’s also had a Stage 1 remap delivering a healthy 292hp and 440nm.

And that’s not quite it yet “I’ve just purchased a set of Hirsch grills (mostly broken) but I plan on putting the jigsaw back together and then painting them gloss black (mostly to hide the Glue)”.

Thanks for sharing and look forward to see the front grille all in place.


2 thoughts on “Return to the fold

  1. That’s a very nice car – congrats to the owner! I went to look at a 2004 2.0T Aero a few days ago, and I really like them. Understated and quick.

  2. I discovered your blog today and I’m enjoying reading it very much. That’s a very nice looking 9-3. It must be very late 2007. 292hp and 440nm seems quite high for a stage 1 remap. I’d like to know more.

    I have a 2007 9-3 2.8T Aero manual that I bought in 2012 with only 56,000 km on the clock. It was faster and more flexible than the 1989 900 Aero manual it replaced. I miss that car.

    I had a Hirsch stage 1 remap done in early 2013. The improvement was very noticeable. The 2007 9-3 Aero, as delivered in Australia, had 184kW/247hp and 350nm. The Hirsch Stage 1 remap took it to the same as the 2008 Turbo X here: 204kW/273hp and 400nm. I think that Hirsch said 275hp. That made a very noticeable difference. Then I had a DO88 performance intercooler fitted around 6 months later. I feel that it made a bigger difference than the remap, but I haven’t been able to find official performance numbers for the combined upgrades.

    The car was transformed. The engine is free to breathe and to use the potential of the remap. It’s fast. Low-end torque is amazing. Acceleration up to very illegal speeds is rapid.

    Do you know of anyone who has tested the Hirsch stage 1 and DO88 combination?


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