In the eyes of the beholder

SvsS_Super Saab

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the Saab and think ‘wow’ – it’s usually when I’m not expecting it either. I stand for a while and admire the shape, I can’t help thinking just how amazing these still look, it feels absolutely timeless. It really is a privilege to be able to own and maintain such an iconic Saab.

Right, time to go for a quick drive I think.


9 thoughts on “In the eyes of the beholder

  1. I love to follow my SAABs when someone else is driving…just to see what they look like in motion.

  2. Double-y alloys make a 9-3. Even my ‘base’ SE ‘vert gets a lot of looks with them!

    • Nope, my wife is not happy, way too many cars and started encroaching on our neighbour’s drive now too! Might have to sell the 9-3 but half way through its final stage – big inter cooler and a new stainless steel downpipe, to help it perform as well in Summer as it does in Winter.

      • We had a matching one (stage 4 Abbott with a load of Abbott goodness besides) – Mrs B would love another! Keep me posted as to what is happening with this one!

        DId I ever mention before that I am a Harborough lad – I used to walk past your house most days on my way from our house on Lubenham Hill to Robert Smyth??

      • Fantastic, small world, you’ll know I only have a finite amount of space for Cars then :). I’ll have a think about the convertible, it currently has a boot full of extras ready for its next stage, so probably have the get those all done first, but absolutely, I’ll let you know. Do you still live in the area then?

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