After reading Saab vs. Scepticism

A few weeks ago I received an email from Matt, telling me Saab vs. Scepticism was to blame for him buying a non-running Saab HOT Aero convertible on EBay.

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An entire story of the preceding weeks ensued, and rather than water it down, I’ve included it as a pdf, raw and unabridged at the bottom of the post. Needless to say, rescuing a Saab isn’t always going to be easy, but it’ll sure put a smile back on your face.

“I fell asleep dropping the phone directly on my face, which woke me up with a smack, I lifted my phone from my neck, ready to put it down for the night when, there it was, a 2002 Saab 9-3 just like the one I wanted. Well not just like it but, the potential was there and that was good enough
for me!”…

The full story, raw and unabridged SvsS_Rescuing a 93 HOT Aero

4 thoughts on “After reading Saab vs. Scepticism

  1. Matt.. What a star! .. Just what I didn’t (or maybe did) want to hear…

    Still longing to re-live my youth with a 900 classic. Having already had two and just loved them, with three kids at university and two normal cars plus a SAAB 93 convertible, then, another oldish 900 SAAB wouldn’t really pass the management.. i.e. The Wife won’t let me 😦

    Between you me and the internet, I’ve already bought a set of alloy wheels for it, (Sshhhh..) an Aero Airflow kit (Sshhhh..) and and a spoiler (Sshhhh..) along with a boot protector.. Who never wanted a boot protector for their classic 900? Well… I’ve got one, I just need a car it will fit. Boot protector 99p… Now there’s the beginning of another dangerous adventure! (‘Closet SAABIST’. Almost seems illegal, but the 99p boot liner is a definite ‘outer’).

    So… I have the offer to buy a 900i which has sat for 5 years – yes, SAT FOR 5 YEARS for £50 (£50 !!! – and yes, worth every penny.. seller and buyer both get a bargain. Buyer is probably most deluded) many thanks to the generous SAAB fan seller. It has over 100,000 miles on the clock and when/if/maybe/perhaps/Well.I’vespokentotheguyandimgoingtoseeificanstartitandmoveitoutoftherutsitscreatedinthetarmacatthebackofhishouseinordertorecoverit…Recoverit?!..It’sStuck!!..Iguessthenewwheelsandtyresmightcomeinusefulastheexistingarestucktotheground…MaybeI’llbeinneedofafriendlywelderwhowillworkformatesratesortradesomespecialis’m..I’maphotographer..aswellasprettygoodatwebdevelopmentandthatshowI’vemanagedtoarrangeatrailertoreoverthebeauty!…Beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder..TheManagementhasadifferentideaaltogether.. But. I will get to post on the 100,000 mile page on before the Convertible gets there. I’m amazed at the quality of the 100,000 mile SAAB’s doing over 100,000 miles – but I can assure you – THIS 900i will blow your amazement too when you see it now. It looks nothing like those. ‘Sad’ is not the word. It has become ‘organic’.

    Could that be worth £50 or do I pass?

    I guess I’m dammed if I don’t and definitely damned if I do.

    I really want a 900 3 door Carlson in silver with suede type interior and the waft of gentle pollen controlled air conditioning, but I’ll start with a 900i in blue and see if it might grow up to be the Carlson.

    When I eventually drive the blue 900i – it will.. absolutely.. surely have to happen – It’ll be the same as the Carlson to me, but I just won’t be going as fast as soon or eventually 🙂

    Great post.. more like that please.

    • Ian, sounds like your mind’s made up, and who are we to try and change it 🙂 I’ve had to start using the neighbour’s driveway as my Saab / car habit spirals. £50, for a Saab 900i, you couldn’t even take the ‘boss’ out to supper for that. And anyway, what would happen to the wheels, Aerokit and boot protector if you DIDN’T buy it, wasted money, really!!

      Good luck and please share your pleasures with the rest of us.

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