Just the way it is


After spending almost the entire day yesterday on the interior of the 9-5, I only needed to grab a few hours this morning to clean and moisturise the leather and give the carpets a thorough shampoo and brush up. The smoke smell still remains, but has already been greatly reduced, someone has kindly given me a tip to help with that (thanks Kent), but am surprised at just how beautifully it has all cleaned up.

It was one of few hot days we’ve had here in the UK this Summer, so thought i’d grab a few photos of the 9-5 pretty much as it arrived, except for the shiny headlights of course.

Even thought there is plenty of work to do to bring this Saab up to scratch, I’m loving the stance the Hirsch suspension provides, and those alloys, wow.


14 thoughts on “Just the way it is

  1. Looks good already always loved this aero format…potential to be a stunner….great find and enjoy your project

  2. That is going to be awesome when finished, as it looks awesome as it stands.

    A few months ago Giles had a ‘factory’ Hirsch’d 9-5 Aero – is this another one, I wonder??

    • Thanks Ian, although as it’s 9-5, it’s not quite as gorgeous as a classic 9000 (just yet) 😉

      The headlamp Reno really surprised me too, they weren’t in good condition and I could even feel the texture over the surface, £19 and a few hours of work rather than a few hundred.

    • Always loved this specific Hirsch system for the 9-5, beautifully made and just finishes of the car perfectly.

      Kent suggested an open bag of coal put into the car helps absorb the smell, and it seems to be working 🙂

    • It’s in with my Saab genius, Jason Miles at the moment, plenty of small, niggling bits to fix, twin exhaust reattached, sump drop etc etc, but also getting an original Hirsch Carbon dash fitted at the same time. Will be having an ECU tweak too. I’m away for a few weeks, so will be proper updates when I return, wheel refurb etc 🙂 …

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about it! I too have a newly 9-5 which needs some work……..I’ll also update!

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